A Vu-Bridge Interactive PlayBook

Larry Cohen

Life Master Pairs Day 1 - Session 1

Exciting news from Larry: In association with Vu-Bridge, Larry has started to rewrite his famous LM Pairs series.

Read his words: "These deals were originally published in a different format. Now, thanks to Vu-Bridge technology, they can be played out by the user bid-by-bid and trick-by-trick. Furthermore, the original version worked only on PC's - whereas this version can be played with any operating system, presumably the one you are using now!"

Some deals will seem easy, others will be quite difficult—just as in real life where these deals were taken from. Good luck! "

How does it feel to sit in Larry's seat? Let's play two hands:

Board 1 Prepared to Discard in Tempo Board 28 All for Last
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